This past spring was no easy for the düsseldorf EC. While the majority of the German ice hockey League was just about to leave the Olympic silver medal more ticket sales to follow, watched the Rhine from the Sofa. For the second Time in a row they had missed the Play-offs. The mood was accordingly. So the club invited its Fans to a huge debate, with managing Director Stefan Adam, and Manager Niki Mondt. They wanted to deliver “any amount of explanations of past, present, and future,” it said. And did Adam and Mondt. According to the Motto: we are not satisfied, but trust us, things will be better soon.

a few weeks Ago has commented the managing Director on the situation. This Time he didn’t have to apologize, rather, Adam tried to let the enthusiasm. Although, the former basketball professional, and manager has no Problem with it, that the spectator cut is increased to more than 8,000 per game, and he can almost imagine a week of new sponsors, but the creeps is not the 45-Year-old high-altitude flight up to rank three. “We are not a Überteam,” said Adam, who wants to avoid that, the expectations rise too much. Not that after a disappointment, when in the Play-offs early. Alone Reaching the finals was after the unsuccessful previous years, a lot of value.

The table but the Düsseldorfer eg as a top team with good prospects. The 1:0 success on Wednesday in Schwenningen, the 21. Victory in the 34. Season game – just as many had the düsseldorf after the complete pre-season (52 games). And on weekends, you can prove your good Form again: this Friday (19.30 clock), the leader Adler Mannheim of the top match to the Rhine, on Sunday (14 clock) it goes to the table, the fourth Augsburger Panther. Almost 1000 DEG Fans with driving, the guest block is sold out since weeks.

Cheap addition

the Main reasons for the enthusiasm of Manager Niki Mondt, born in düsseldorf and used for many years for the DEG on the ice. As he was obliged in the summer of 2017, he seemed like a cheap stopgap for the deep-fallen series champion of the 1990s. He did little to correct the impression. Many of the players had tired of being in the team, there was a small group, the Trainer is fit. Mondts fault was, however, hardly, because the squad was mostly solid when he took over the planning. Only in his second summer as the Athletic Director of the 40-Year-old was able to exercise freely and undertook many of the top players without spending more than in the previous year.

helped him a cheap addition: The Norwegian Ken-André Olimb and the Swede Calle Ridder wall had already played earlier in Düsseldorf, and returned from old ties. Former German national players such as Philip Gogulla (Cologne) and Jerome Flaake (Munich, Germany) were sorted out by their clubs in spite of on-going contracts. Mondt was able to commit for relatively little money, because they are not partially paid by your old employers.

lucky strike such as the North American Jaedon Descheneau and Ryan McKiernan, who came from Switzerland and from Austria. In addition, the few light moments of the past few years in the Form of: captain Alexander Barta, goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger, defenseman Bernhard Ebner.