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This week has finished the fourth season of a television series, billed in Spain, which has received not only excellent reviews in all the world but has created school or remakes, as they say in slang. You will have deduced wisely that I am referring to the Ministry of The Time. What a great title! Brilliant. Above all, according to what we are experiencing and seeing ojipláticos in the last few weeks: treat History as if it were a sock that gives back . For those who have not been swallowed whole series with total addiction or even have fallen seduced by some of its chapters, and the original frames, we summarize the trick. In the Ministry of the Time they work, as its own name indicates, officials of the time, whose mission is to travel to the past through some mysterious doors to remedy injustices of the most diverse tasting. To the astonishment of one and all, on their payroll have a sort of captain Alatriste , another police Transition , a seductive woman dressed to kill , and with the very Velázquez , among other profiles of fine lines. At the head of the campus, is the corresponding Secretary of Special Missions, that puts order in the chaos of those who want to change the course of History the hard way because they don’t like this or that feat or such or such character of our long and tortuous history.

Let us suppose that one of the characters of the series wants to kill Franco, to avoid that it remains in power four decades. In the Ministry of the Time they jump the alarms and there that va-after crossing the gate of the corresponding year – a team of its agents, well-equipped for the Story to happen as it really happened . The mission, clear: to save the Generalissimo of this imaginary attack and end their days in bed as is the case in a November 20, 1975. Moral: we need a Ministry of the Time now, because the Story is not played, or changed at our whim.