It’s pitch dark, the target arch is flickering in the Wind. Then a light slowly approaches – it is the 35-year-old British girl Jasmine Paris. At the finish, she lifts the arms and spotlights. On Wednesday, shortly after 19 o’clock, Paris, completed the”Montane Spine Race”, also known as a brutal race in the UK. 268 miles behind her, the finish was streamed live on Facebook. Paris is in this year not only the first woman to finish, you will win the Ultramarathon in front of all the other participants, also the male. And that’s not all. Just in 83 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds she was on the road – record. The previous best time at the event, set up by the Irish runner, Eoin Keith, she has a whole twelve hours.”#making history” – history, complemented the organisers for the victory announcement in the social networks.

their break time was just a little more than seven hours, according to the Portal”iNews”. The short Momentean the control points you used in addition to breast milk pump for your 14-month-old daughter. The race make her really fun, said Paris, in front of “iNews”. It was a mix between actual pleasure and joy, that all was soon over. The”Guardian,” she said, moreover, that race was unlike any you have previously attended – not only because it is two-thirds of the time is dark. Towards the end you had to fight because of lack of Sleep with hallucinations, such as animals on the way, not seen, were there.

The breast milk was not planned

On your Blog of Paris, which regularly participates in races over a longer distance part of the writes, your family support you in your Hobby. For participation in the”Montane Spine Race”, you have chosen a new focus. They must be pumping in between breast milk was not planned the entry, actually – originally they wanted to wean your daughter over the Christmas period. But then the child fell ill twice in a row and refused to take anything other than breast milk, reported to Paris.

The”Montane Spine Race” follow the runner to the Penninen-way, a 429-kilometre long-distance footpath in England. It is the second longest Hiking trail in the United Kingdom, a map and a compass for orientation are necessary. In the case of bad weather conditions, the way is described as difficult. The runners have to carry in addition to light, a tent, cooking utensils and food.

Jasmine Paris is not in the Rest of the first extreme runner, the pump in the breaks of milk: in September, also from the UK-born Sophie Power made with a photo of headlines that shows how breastfeeding during a 172-Kilometer race your Baby. While some of the young mother debates her admiration, she was criticized by others: The child was only three months old and crossed at the end of the Arm of the mother to the finish line.