Due to the near Diesel driving bans in German cities in the new year, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer calls for more effort from the car manufacturers. “In 2019, must not only lead the discussion on the Hardware retrofits to the result, but it was also the year the trust has to be retrofit for the German manufacturer,” said the CSU politician of the German press Agency. The car manufacturers should self-reflect critically, what they could do better. “And the German manufacturer have a hell of a make up for a lot.” You would have to win trust and Image among the customers. Scheuer also took the municipalities in the duty.

the courts have arranged for several large cities, driving bans, because the pollutant limit values are not adhered to. The main cause of Diesel-exhaust gases.

Stuttgart, In Germany, diesel vehicles with the Euro 4 exhaust gas standard or worse from 1. January 2019 from the entire area of the city exiled, cars with local license plates from the 1. April. For Berlin, the administrative court has decided that to terminate by the summer of 2019 at least eleven sections of busy roads for the Diesel with the standards up to Euro 5. For eating a dish ordered from 1. July, in a driving zone of prohibition, for the first time, a busy highway. Judgments, to the closure in Frankfurt are not yet final.

Digital systems

“We are against bans, and to provide support, assistance, and support for the affected communities,” said Scheuer. “This topic is for the future of urban mobility is vital, because through this discussion so much pressure.”

he added that He expects the local authorities, that the measures in 2019, implemented, and new digital systems would be procured. “We have to pass funding bills in the amount of more than 480 million euros. The systems for improved mobility and clean air must now come to the fly.“

conversion is progressing slowly

The car manufacturer had promised the conversion of millions of Diesel cars with a new exhaust-gas-Software. Until the end of the year to actually 5.3 million to the fight against driving bans be improved – according to data from mid-December, only 3.75 million vehicles, but so far, ready converted, as the transport Ministry informed.

“I’m upset, that’s saying something, what one has met,” said Scheuer. “In politics, you would say: promise broken. This leads to a confidence gain.“ His Ministry had started early enough, to set deadlines.