Murder of Lola: what the suspect, Dahbia B., told the investigators


Wanton murder or excessive revenge? Investigators are still trying to find out, four days after the discovery of the lifeless body of 12-year-old Lola on Friday, October 14. The teenager was inside a trunk, her feet and hands bound, her face taped and with significant injuries to her neck. Two inscriptions were also on the soles of his feet: a 0 on the right foot and a 1 on the left foot, written in red. What is the meaning of these signs? The police don’t know yet.

Very quickly, thanks to the CCTV cameras in the building, the investigators identified Dahbia B., who is now the main suspect. The 24-year-old is described as marginal by relatives and was hosted from time to time in an apartment in the residence, where her sister lives. Quoted by Le Parisien, the latter explains that the suspect held “disjointed and incoherent remarks” during “obsessive discussions” about “love” and “sky”.

During her police custody, the main suspect gave a detailed confession to the police, before changing her mind later, explaining that she had in fact told a “dream”, explains Europe 1: “Here she is saying s defending herself against a mysterious knife attacker and then fighting against a ghost. She swears, she could never have killed a child”. Is she mad? For the time being, only a psychological behavior examination has been carried out and, according to Europe 1, the latter “did not reveal any psychological danger and his condition was deemed compatible with the police custody measure”. Indicted for murder, rape, acts of torture and barbarity, she was imprisoned in Fresnes prison (Val-de-Marne).

For the time being, the case is based solely on these confessions by Dahbia B., because the murder took place behind closed doors in the apartment, without a camera or a witness. The investigators were still able to reconstruct the 91 minutes that elapsed between Lola’s entry into her building and the exit of the suspect, alone. Here’s what happened in that time.