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you Almost had the pictures of ‘Game of thrones’ took place in Belgium: the makers of the popular U.s. television series had two years ago with a request to be allowed to film in the castle of Beersel, however, the mayor was forced to request, refuse it.

“We have a question from the creators of ‘Game of thrones’,” says the mayor, Hugo Vandaele on VRT’s OFFICIAL. “They wanted to get us to the castle used in the series. A nice compliment, which I’m very happy about it, but the fire department has to have a negative opinion. Thus, it is only one of the emergency exits in the castle, would be the recording was to take place, and the castle is basically a ruin. It was, therefore, not safe enough, and, in the opinion of the fire service’s advice will be binding upon, and so I was left with no other choice.”

It is not known which of the scenes of the recording of the castle of Beersel were intended to be. The request came two years ago when the final season of ‘Game of thrones’ was filmed.

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