you are A car dealer who has a tweedehandswagen sell, as well as the private sector, which buys him, on the 1st of november, be required to have a detailed description of the vehicle, on a piece of paper. It is not only about the condition of the tires and the body looks, but also for all of the technical components. In the document, especially the discussion afterwards to avoid them.

A list of 113 points, from the vehicle identification number, to the condition of the tires, the glass, and in the spring. But also the brakes, the battery and all the bluetooth wireless technology. That’s what a professional sales of second-hand cars from now on, along with the buyer will need to fill out the order form. One copy will remain with the seller, and the second is the buyer’s responsibility. As evidence of this.

“is Intended to enhance the image of the sector, but also to disputes over the warranty having to to avoid. Last year, the conciliation commission dealing with matters of Traxio 135 times, need to intervene in the lingering conflict,” says Pieter Van Bastelaere of the automotive industry Traxio.

Two signatures are required).

In our country last year, 705.826 second-hand cars are sold. From consumer to consumer, but especially by a professional seller. And that leads later to a heated discussion. In the future, the government is now a professional seller along with the buyer of the car a thorough check. Once the buyer and the seller for their signature and put the bottom of the list, to explain both of them are in agreement that the car will be sold in the state in which it is located.

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“as you scroll through the checklist, you can select one of the three boxes to be filled in. The first is for the chord , the second , traces of wear and tear. and one for repair . What are those last two points, that is, between the two parties, or there are repairs needed to be sent, or not at all.”

Great sellers

Independent second-hand dealers stand behind the initiative. Especially if it is the image of the industry may be through, because there are quite a few shady-looking vendors in the market. They will be monitored by the federal ministry of Economy on the obligation to use the new check-list.

“We are used to already have a list, but it was not that large,” said Steven Burns, managing director of the Autobrandt in Bristol. “The cars we sell are pre-checked, before going into this deal. So, we’re almost everywhere, < / I> Okay, should be able to fill it out. But the second-hand cars will always have signs of damage. Otherwise, it is not selling second-hand cars are. I’ve been to Traxio to let you know, that might be thought about to be.”

“The buyers know that the document, in any case, what he has bought, and in what state the car is located, so as to then be in trouble, can not say that he was not aware of any wear and tear,” said Patrick Piret, legal counsel, Traxio.

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