this Past weekend, it was just to show that Italian football is a huge problem as the racism was coming. Mario and His side was in the race, in Brescia, on the field, from Hellas Verona for the umpteenth time, it’s a victim of it. All they can see is that the club is out of Verona, especially if…

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Racism has been a recurring problem in Italian stadia. At the end of the season, gave the Red Devil Romelu Lukaku (both international and Ivorian midfielder Franck Kessié (Milan) it is all to do with it. This weekend was the Rome-Naples even just for a moment suspended, as Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli), ex-Genk is not the first time racist slogans, according to his head came from.

the premier league has already all of it. As a player at Milan, he was a victim of that, also in the city of Brescia. And not exactly surprising in a game with Hellas Verona. In his acclaimed book, for A season with Hellas Verona, is popped up to the British writer Tim Parks, a season with the club’s the Brigate Gialloblù, , the yellow-and-blue, hard-core group of the club. His book is a fascinating journey to the most fanatical football supporters in Italy, but at the same time, is a testimony of how the ineradicable racism and xenophobia in Italian football is rooted. In the meantime, it is nearly two years old, but up-to-date value of it is lacking today.

afterwards, due to Italian voetbalofficials into a bad habit. Hellas-year-old Ivan Juric said at a press conference that he was no racist chanting was heard. “I’m not afraid to say that there are no racist voices”, he says, on Sky Sport Italia. “The fans will have an all-star jeered and laughed at, but racism was not the case. Those who have something else to say, lie.”

you can Also Hellas president Maurizio Setti and took it to his supporters. “Our fans are a little bit special, and a fun way to get people to mock you. But racism is not to be the case. If it is, we are the first to condemn it.”

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In the past, in the Verona (also all of the incidents with, among others, Julio Cesar Uribe, is one of the first black players in the Serie A and that has a banana on his head cast was), The player’s Blaise Matuidi and a Striker-a player In Kessié. Each time, the response was that of denial. After the critique in a clear, apengeluiden to Kessié early on, the club was the “due respect” for its fans, one of which is a part of any contest with the swastika represents to them.

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A day after the incident, with the premier league Champions took the one I Catsellini of the word during a broadcast on the Radio Café, a local radio show in the city. Castellini is not the mr. nice guy he is, he is the leader of the the Brigate Gialloblù, . To him, they were asked to respond to the next racismerel of ‘his’ fans, who in Italy are known as the most racist of them all.

“We’ll have to have a certain cultural identity,” said the Italian. “We have a bad fan base. We have lots of fun with bald players, and soccer players with long hair, who is from the southern part of the country, and the one with the color. We do this not out of political or racial sensitivities. It is folklore and nothing more or less.”

“As in Lima two years ago, applaudisseerden, we need your help. The referee didn’t have a clue as to why His side of the ball in the stands and stomped. We’ll all have to wait for the decision of the FIGC (Italian football federation-ed.). You will see that the fans of Verona will not be punished and will be. The voice came from just four people, which will only be heard by the people who made the video (below) is to be made. His heard was in his head.”

“Never be entirely Italian,”

And yet, it was Castellini is not ready. “His has been an Italian citizen since he has an Italian passport,” also, what it sounds like. “But he’ll never be fully Italian. We have to have our a**in the team, and then scored, yesterday (Eddy Salcedo, eds.). All of Verona’s supporters for him to be welcomed. There Is a problem with the word n**er? The secret police will help me because I have a n**a call? They will go on my door, right?”

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To see the reaction of the Castellini as to be part… restaurant and is a member of Forza Nuova, an extreme right-wing political party, and defended, most recently, of the historical crimes of Adolf Hitler. Last summer it popped up in addition to a video in which he made at a meeting of the the Brigate Gialloblù, points to the nazileider, and the latter’s ally, Rudolf Hess. Under the ultra’s from Hellas Verona, however, it is known for you to chant: “We are a great team, in the form of a swastika”. Sigh.

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