if you Have an internet connection? There is a good chance that you are on the social media forum Reddit has already been faced with a ‘ No Benefit in November ’. The aim is to have the light set is bizarre. The men swear, for a period of one month, does not have to ejaculate. Few people take it, it seriously , but the meme has an obscure origin.

“ the N. < / i> o the use of november is a online ed. ) event for those who are finding it difficult to get even a few days without masturbating,” according to the description on the official Redditpagina No benefit in november. “The idea is to have a whole month to get through it without the bald man cry.” , which is used as a metaphor for ejaculate.

The rules are simple: throughout the month of november, to be exact), not to ejaculate. To obtain an erection, and pornography is allowed, you just don’t come. You get one joker to be a wet dream come true. One should not, or else you will have failed. If you have a whole month of keeping up, you are allowed to take part in the connected to the internet without dick dec. I will tell you later.

#, No-fap.

The reason for this is geheelonthouding? That is, it is not entirely clear, and there are circulating different interpretations of it on the internet. It has been proposed that this is a good way is to use your will power and determination to be possible. Others have said that you are a magician, that is, if you are a long time to not masturbate.

The origin of this out-of-hand memeis is to be found in the no-fap- movement. The latter is a group of men emerged into the dark recesses of internet forums 4Chan and Reddit, and that is a solemn swear to never masturbate. At first it was a self-help group for people with sex and pornoverslavingen, but now it’s more of a collection of incels. ( the men who, against their will, to be celibate through his life, and often slipped vrouwenhaters his editor’s note. ), and the trolls who are positive about using pseudo-science. Thus, they claim that the withholding of your powers of concentration and willpower strengthens. Also, they allow you to brighten the reasons, and the stronger it is. Ejaculating is a waste of energy you are wasting in ‘selfish pleasure’.

you can Also claim some of that ejaculate zinktekorten in your body can cause. Here, however, is not a single scientific reason for that. It is, like many memes, is very difficult to draw a border line between the internetfolklore, and the gekkies , who actually believe in it. So, it was a laugh claimed to be in the depths of 4chan, and that, after week 2, though you can levitate. That last part is obviously a joke, and in many cases are a no-fap-page on Reddit, and others) is full of incel-inspired misogyny. Because incels are involuntarily sexless, by the way, they find masturbation as a poor substitute. Do not masturbate to them, < / i>, the final form out of their incel existence.

to be clear: there is no scientific basis for the NoNut the month of November. From a medical point of view it is totally useless. Indeed, regular ejaculate, it is very good for sexual health, mental health, peace of mind and is a great way to let off some steam. Also, it is good to prevent prostate problems later in life. Happily, the vast majority of people who take on the challenge of < / i> , the sense of humor in it.

( see below for the tweets. ).

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you can Also pornogigant Pornhub does have a role to play in the pocket. The site extrapolates this line to estimate the total number of views since the start of the month of november, with the number of people who have failed.

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finally, we would like you to Destroy your Dick in December. don’t remember. If you have the entire month of november and have made it through without cumming, you are allowed to take part in this may be even stranger holiday season. It is a kind of adventure, but for masturbation. On december 1, may 1 time to come, on december 2, two times, and so on, up to 25 times per day, on christmas day. For the sake of clarity, this is satire. It is biologically almost impossible for a 25 time finish the job in one day. If you are able to do so, or, you can stop to browse Reddit, and other new foraen you as soon as possible, make an appointment at the health, a sex therapist and/or doctor.
Meme posted by NotTheRealGxbriel on Reddit. (Photo: the r/nonutnovember