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The industrial production in Spain has fallen in June by 9.6% with respect to the same month in 2019, a decline determined by the pandemic, although it will soften the crashes of April (34.1%, the highest of the historical series), and may (28.1 per cent).

The index of industrial production published this Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE) has reflected that “ industry has been recovering pace” in June as we progressed to the desescalada , which culminated on the 21st of that month with the end of the alarm state.

Thus, the fall year-on-year in June, is 18,5 points less intense than that of may, a recovery that is also observed in monthly terms , because the industrial production of June was 14 per cent higher than the previous month.

In monthly terms, all sectors have increased their production , especially of durable consumer goods (38%) and capital goods (30.9 percent), an advance that by branch of activity that has led to the manufacture of garments and the manufacture of motor vehicles. However, if the data is being compared with June of 2019, all sectors have reduced their production, especially capital goods (12.7 per cent), energy (12,1%) and intermediate goods (up 10.2%).

The production of consumer goods has been incurred (by 9.3%), significantly higher than the non-durable goods (3%). Between the branches of activity with the biggest fall of production in June include the manufacture of garments (34.2 per cent), the industry of leather and footwear (23.3 per cent), metallurgy (23,2%) or the manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (23%) .

extractive Industries and pharmacy, on the rise

instead, the extractive industries and the manufacture of pharmaceutical products have increased their production at 11.2% and 10.7%, respectively.

The manufacture of motor vehicles , one of the industries most affected by the pandemic, and one of the more impact they have on the general index, was 16.8% lower than June of 2019.

autonomous community, only Murcia has increased its production in June (5.8%) , while the rest of the regions have experienced noticeable declines, led by the Balearic islands (29.3 per cent) and Extremadura (21.6 per cent). Industrial production data corrected for seasonal and calendar effects show a decline year-on-year 14% , a rate that is 10.7 points higher than may.

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