A Man taken for ten long hours in the crane, in the Mountains, He wants his children to see


In the Mountains, a man about ten hours holed up in a crane, a few tens of meters in height.

The fire department and the police department of the Mountains was wed night called in after a man was perched on a crane. The man is of Iraqi origin, was in the custody of his children to be lost. He finally came out at around 21.15 hours at the bottom, and let the local police know about it.

The incident took place in the rue Achille Legrand, in which the police and the fire brigade in a perimeter inlegden. The men lost on Wednesday to the custody of the children, and said, only to come down if he was able to see it, ” the chairman of the social service department of the Mountains, and Marie Meunier.

“After several hours of negotiations, which were led by experts from the federal police, the man, ultimately, on its own motion, down, come, and let the police know about it. He was picked up.
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