Since April 13, 2023, taxpayers can go to their impots.gouv personal space to consult their tax slip. This declaration, pre-filled automatically, must be validated within the time allowed by the tax calendar.

This Monday, May 22, 2023, taxpayers who use a paper form have until midnight, postmark being authentic, to send the document to their public finance center. If they are in the minority, paper declarants are not the only ones to have to submit their declaration soon. Some taxpayers declaring their income via the Internet only have a few days left to complete and validate their tax form, under penalty of sanction.

According to, “if you declare your income late, you will have to pay penalties, an increase in your taxes and possibly interest on arrears”. What are the penalties for being late?

To avoid seeing your tax increased, it is necessary to closely monitor the tax calendar. Find out in our slideshow below.