Two players from the Kenyan squad for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha, very recently, to deal with the epa. This was shown in a tv documentary on the German television channel ZDF. It’s going to be a great man, and a woman with a hidden camera, filmed at the time of the epo into their veins to surface.

An anonymous physician certifies that an epo is in Kenya and is widely used. “But it is not a competition”, what it sounds like. “Here, epo is used in trainingsperiodes, so that they can train harder, and thus more benefit from their workouts. The current national team, I had only been eight in numbers and in treatment.”

now, as The Kenyan athletics federation ‘Athletics Kenya’ signals from the krommenaas. President Barnabis Korir, is formal: “We are following the WADA rules, what it sounds like. “The athletes have been informed, and we have all of the doping rules is made clear. They are also familiar with the consequences: it means that those who dope will be caught, it is removed from the team and thrown out, and you will never have the colors of Kenya are to defend.”

According to the TELEVISION report, however, corrupt transactions between the athletics federation and the local dopingagentschap. “The results of the doping tests and the red) are to be kept out of sight, so no suspension coming,” said a former member of the dopingagentschap. “The agencies are working together to earn the money to be paid by the athlete or his / her manager.

The International athletics federation IAAF has in the meantime also, to raise the alarm. Faced with the results of the TELEVISION coverage, will be ‘chief integrity Brett Clothier of the answers. “These are serious allegations, but we are not so naive as to claim that the problems of corruption in Kenya does not exist.”

in Kenya, is already on the list. “We work with some of the categories,” said Clothier. The five countries that belong to the A category. That is, countries with serious doping problems, which, consequently, will be monitored closely to be. Kenya, which belongs to A country. If they don’t play by the rules, then there is a danger to them and to the entire exclusion of.”

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