Drink you drink alcohol? Should you be in a relationship with a non-muslim? Or, why are you wearing a scarf? On the sensitive questions of ten muslim women and a response to Dare to ask for One.

some of the services that are being discussed, is in the Fatiha (55, Antwerp (belgium). It is in the day to day life is not always easy. They would like to participate in the society, however, the labour market and the different settings make it hard. “It’s not islam, that us is oppressed, it is the people,” she says. Fatiha study of the Qur’an for more than fifteen years of age. According to her, women to their place to claim and to enforce it in the islamscholen.

The Old sisters, Rojda (23), Rozerin (26) and Berivan (26) from Ostend, and were born in Belgium, and all three have their own view of the world. Berivan would be able to marry a non-muslim. Rozerin not; they married recently to a guy with the same Old culture. Rojda is struggling with her identity: she was not born, but ever since the attacks in the feeling, they are looked at and ruled out.

Zahira (23, Hemiksem) was born in Ruby. But when they are, in 2014, he converted to islam, she had to Zahira,which means “brilliance” in Arabic. She has always been interested in religions, but to her, it applied to islam, it is more common with her, because of the standards out there. At school, she will always have a head covering outside is not always the case. “You may believe it is in your heart, not in what you do.”

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