In Aschaffenburg, the people for the first advent, Saturday to Saturday, free of charge, Bus and train. Luxembourg goes one important step:The small state is the first country in the world to offer public transport free of charge for all and any day of the week.

Like the “Guardian”reported, to Railways, the charges for buses, trains and trams next summer disappear. The has decided the re-elected government coalition of Democrats, labor party undGrünen. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who took office on Wednesday, his second term,had promised during the election campaign, to inform the future focus more on the environment.

But the measure has still another reason: The city of Luxembourg has one of the highest traffic densities in the world and has for years been suffering traffic jams. Although only 110,000 people in the capital of the small European country. But every day another 400,000 people commuting workers in the city. The “Guardian” is based on a study that drivers were there in the year 2016 an average of 33 hours in a traffic jam.

What happened to first class?

Almost 200,000 people cross over daily from France, Belgium and Germany, from the border to Luxembourg, which receives with a population of 600,000, therefore, every day, in addition to a third of its population and re-emitting it.

Luxembourg tries to therefore, the traffic problem. In the summer of this year, the government decided to free transport for children and young adults under 20 years of age. Secondary school students can take advantage of free transportation between your home and the educational institutions. For all other citizens, a Tariff of 2 euros for two hours tour to date – in a country that is just under 2600 square kilometers, covers almost all the ways.