Since the abolition of titles of nobility in 1919, the Austrians maintain a particularly close relation to their academic and official. If the “from” and “to be deleted” as a noble predicates from the family name had to be, then it should be emphasized nicely the educated middle class. Professor is in the coffee house a real carrier, Mrs Magistra would be a true instance.

a friend, A Viennese political scientist swears that his E-Mails are faster and with zufriedenstellenderem result of answered, since he was Dr. phil. and this title also in his digital correspondence qua signature.

But the Germans like to decorate themselves with your academic Orders. Especially popular is the Dipl.-Ing., he is for real German value work. Even better the Dr is, of course, think almost everyone, the half-God in White, heal the Sick. That is a carrier of this title need not necessarily be physicians, but at the latest since the plagiarism scandal, a former doctoral student of law in non-academic circles. A consolation is not likely to be the Ex-Minister here, after all, he lives in Austria, because there you would not have him to the Dr. jur., but also his title of nobility taken away.

So it is quite easy to “doctor”

It is a PhD, in any case not easy by the way. Where: Especially in rural areas, it is intended to have a Housewives is still fairly easy to get a PhD: By marriage, the village physician, they are quite easy to “doctor”. The suggested recent wedding fantasies of a well-Known, whose life partner got from the free state of Bavaria, the beautiful title of “government builders” award. “Mrs government luthier” sounds really terrific!

How unspoiled the child is spirit, for the only sound and smoke. So, about that of a fourth grader whose older sister missed the fact that the popular teacher, Dr. schön Dyer came into the parallel class. The replica of the Younger with a view to the ailing radiator of the school: “Why, this is the house master?”