Jo Turner and Scott Turner-Smith, were married a year ago, when heterokoppel, but now the court is being asked to bring their marriage was null and void. They’re both, however, are not as straight as they thought, and that is a good thing, as the two best friends apart from each other.

He was a council member at the Scottish st andrews but moved to Rochdale to be with Jo, his. She works as a dentist. And the smile on both their faces in their wedding photo’s, they were perfectly happy in their marriage. But as time wore on it began to appear that they are perhaps not made for each other really were.

Jo also met Wendy, a future doctor, and of Wendy, it was love at first sight. “I had the butterflies like crazy,” as she tells The Sun. “You know, I had to Jo to see to continue on with her life and get married to a man.” When Jo and her not-too-long-ago-suddenly, a message is sent out to get something to drink, it was This, however, is immediately at the ready: “It may be two years, but, my God, my God, she’s worth it!”

Wendy and Jo (Photo: Facebook

Now the three regular communal get-togethers, and they may even be a double-marriage to be like. On the condition that Scott, in time, also be a partner. He came out last summer, out of the closet with a tweet: “I just got this tweet a thousand times, put together and removed it, but here it goes: I’m gay. Everyone who I have already told you, it was very good, and I’m more grateful for that than she will know. It feels liberating to me to give my whole self to it, and I’m looking forward to everything that will follow.”

Jo was quick to get the message of Scott’s share: “We had so much fun with the action for annulment were to sign. Invalid consent due to a mistake – turns out we were both gay.’ Enjoy it on the right. The scenario is next year.”
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