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the French-Belgian coast and has a great search looking for a two of recreational scuba diving. The duo is from 14.00 o’clock is missing. Several reddingsschepen and a helicopter have been deployed.

The two divers, a man and a woman, who appeared to be a wreck, and left Sunday afternoon with a boat to go to France in order to go scuba diving. They went into the water at the level of the Sea, about 12 to 15 miles from the coast. Since 14.00 the both of them went missing. There was a huge rescue operation was set up.

“it started in the French waters, but, according to the search – and-driftmodellen of the coast guard, it is likely that both of them had drifted off to the Belgian waters,” said Eva Descamps, of the Maritime Rescue and coordination centre (MRCC) in Ostend, belgium. That is why it is also in the Belgian marine areas is sought.

There was a NH-90 helicopter is used, as well as several reddingsschepen of the FLEET and Ship Support services. Around 18.45 o’clock, two of the divers from the defence, with the assistance of six recreational divers, who are spontaneous and have logged in, you are still on the search for the missing persons.

“Last attempt”

Initially, it was announced that the search was discontinued, it would be at sunset, but it is a bit more sought after. The boats, stop the search, but the helicopter will be in the area until midnight looking with the infrared camera. “We want to make one last attempt to find them”, says the Maritime Rescue and Coordination centre (MRCC).

at The wreckage, it would be very popular with recreational scuba divers. There have been Sunday afternoon, several lifeboats and a helicopter is used. She scoured the water looking for the missing hobbyduikers. It took about 18 hours, even with a special diving site with a dive.