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The Board of Castilla and León has not yet authorized the celebration in the Plaza de Toros de Ávila of the first bullfighting fair which will take place in Spain after the alarm state, to lack of three days to celebrate the first of the festivities, which will be preceded by a contest of cuts.

The territorial representative of the Board in Avila, Jose Francisco Hernandez, this has been confirmed by this Wednesday to journalists, before expressing his confidence that the celebrations “are going to celebrate”, once the company to remedy the aspects related to the self-protection plan .

The day 17, from 22 hours, there will be a contest of cuts with some of the best cutters of Spain, before the Saturday Finito de Córdoba, Lopez, Simon, and Ernesto Javier “Calita” deal bulls of the livestock of the province of Vellosino, of Villaseco de los Reyes, from 21 hours.

on Sunday, also at 21 hours, the bulls from the Adolfo Martin , from Escurial (Cáceres), is expected to be lidiados by Morenito de Aranda, Octavio Chacón and Manuel Escribano.

The territorial representative has indicated that a request has been received by the promoter, who “immediately,” he has made a request for the application “not only of the regulation that is the regulation of bullfighting, which is the direct responsibility of the Board, but also of all the protocol Covid-19 which is mandatory”.

“Today, such celebrations are not permitted, but it is true that we are working directly with the developer, with the presence of city Hall and the offices of the central Government to determine all of the measures technical-sanitary are mandatory”, has argued Hernandez.

In this sense, it has referred to the need of designing “itineraries of access, hygienic measures within the enclosure and respect for the safety distance around 1.5 meters “.

“I Am convinced that this self-protection plan that has been submitted and now has been required for its cure, you will arrive on time and are going to celebrate” these festivities, ” said Hernandez, who has pointed out that this situation is the “common denominator of many bullfighting events that are held in this province in normal conditions”.

From his point of view, “evil” would do if “by an excess of voluntarism is to do something that might cause an outbreak and endanger the people who attend -the festivities – and to third parties who may get it”.

The territorial representative has said that since the regional administration is acting “with absolute rigor, but also trying to make sure that initiatives are carried out”.

with Respect to the capacity, Hernández has explained that the legislation speaks of respecting “the distances of 1.5 m right, left, up and down”, so that the ability is “the result of this spatial distribution, in this case, in the Plaza de Toros.”

“it Is a question strictly to rules, it’s not about having more or less willingness. We are addressing this matter with all the love in the world, but the standard has to comply,” he concluded.

For his part, the mayor of Avila, Jesus Manuel Sanchez-Cabrera, has been pointed out that the regulations currently in effect, “it may be that tomorrow it will change again by the Board”, as it has indicated that “a week ago the legislation was totally different” in the moment in which they were auctioned with the statement.