attacks, money offers for Sex and physical violence: The Afghan women’s football is measured by a scandal, even the President of the country is shaken. Officials and coaches should have harassed several members of the national team at least last February during a week-long training camp with two countries play in Jordan sexually.

Federation President Keramuddin Karim, the Deputy Chairman Yusuf Kargar, as well as the Secretary-General Sajed Ali Resa Agasada were suspended a few days ago, as well as a member of the coaching staff of the women’s national team and another functionary. The announced a chief adviser to the Afghan government, Fasil Fasli,. On Wednesday, the ethics Committee of Fifa Karim suspended for 90 days by all the national and international activities. It relied on article 84 of the Fifa code of ethics.

The 2011 murder threats from the Taliban to the Danish exile, the refugees Team Manager and former national player Chalida Popal is one of the word leaders, their allegations of a large Echo found around the world. Popal was in the training camp in Amman to present. The 31-Year-old indicates that at least five women were in their rooms by two men from the Association of miss.

The players would not speak out of fear for their safety and that of their families publicly about it, said Popal, the American television channel CNN. The violence was directed against Afghanistan, the living members of the team. A player showed bruising. You should be beaten with a billiard cue.

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani reacted shocked, after more Details were known. “It is shocking for all Afghans. Any kind of misconduct against the athlete, male and female, is not acceptable”, citing it the “New York Times”, the BBC, or the British Newspapers “the Guardian” and “Daily Telegraph”. The Afghan Association is rejected by its Secretary-General, all of the allegations to be decided. The Danish sportswear manufacturer, Hummel was the support of the Association.

Popal had asked the football world governing body Fifa to investigate. You have this recorded, is it from Zurich in the light of its own Zero-tolerance standards in relation to human rights. To work with the United Nations, to ensure the safety of the players. The chief of Afghanistan’s Olympic Committee, Hafis Wali Rahimi, told the BBC that sexual violence exists only in football.