Although ticket prices for rock band The Cure’s latest North American tour were quite affordable, Shows of a Lost World represents their highest-grossing tour of their career, Billboard recently reported.

According to data from the specialized media, Robert Smith and his band sold 547,000 tickets for their shows in the United States and Canada, which allowed them to reap $37.5 million in revenue, doubling their previous summit. Indeed, in 2016, the North American tour of the British group had brought in 18 million.

Shows of a Lost World also set a record for attendance. Before 2023, 1992 had been the year of the biggest crowds with 402,000 tickets sold.

According to Billboard, The Cure could have made a lot more money if it had chosen to hike ticket prices. With an average cost of $68.54, tickets for the tour sold 37% less than those of similar caliber artists.

Billboard points out that Robert Smith insisted that seats be offered for as little as $30 at each performance. As part of Shows of a Lost World, The Cure performed on the Bell Center stage for two nights in June.

Last March, the leader of the group had also openly criticized Ticketmaster’s resale techniques.