D minus a month. With the arrival of spring comes that of the tax return, during which you must indicate the sums collected in 2022. How much will you have to pay in the next 12 months? More or less taxes? If you can’t wait to find out, you can use the simulator put online by the Direction générale des finances publiques.

As the Public Service website explains, the simulator “allows you to determine the amount of your income tax”:

As a reminder, here is the 2023 income tax scale for 2022:

Thanks to the simulator available, you can anticipate the annual amount of your income tax. For the first time, you will also be able to estimate your marginal tax rate, a big new feature for 2023. Here’s how to do it correctly.

If you opt for the simplified model of the simulator, you must provide several information:

If you do not forget certain boxes, then you will have an idea of ​​the income tax you will have to pay in the coming months. Be careful what you do though…

If this tax simulator is as close as possible to reality, it does not replace the calculation made officially by the tax administration. The Ministry of the Economy recalls that the final amount is “indicative” and it may therefore be different after your tax return. Completing the information requested by the simulator does not exempt you, either, from completing your income tax return in the spring. The Public Service website indicates that the 2023 reporting period will take place in April.