Élodie Frégé at Star Academy: the violent criticism of a professor on her physique


This is a remark that she did not digest. While the iconic musical show Star Academy is making a comeback this Saturday, October 15 on TF1 after almost ten years of absence, the winner of season 3 has made heavy revelations. Élodie Frégé confided in her Star Ac’ season in journalist Chloé Thibaut’s book, All for Music, to be published on October 20. She explains how badly she was in her skin at that time, then only 21 years old.

“At that time, I wanted to be pretty at all costs, because I did not feel attractive when I was a teenager, I was rather funny and at the top of the class”, remembers the singer with the journalist. She then explains that the style of dress that the production wanted to give her as well as a particular remark from a teacher about her physique did not help her to accept herself.

Elodie Frege.

“ I had this ugly duckling thing in me, result, in the show I was ‘too much’. I confused showing off and loading the mule, and I must say that I was not necessarily helped” , says the singer. She believes in particular to have had “the impression that it was the race to who would be the most horny” in the styling and staging of the female candidates. “I remember an experience that really shocked me… I don’t know why I accepted. I had to sing Without counterfeiting by Mylène Farmer and, in your opinion, while I was saying ‘I am a boy ‘, what did they imagine for this project? Quite simply, be as sexy as possible by wearing, among other things, a push-up corset, suspenders or even high heels”, confides Élodie Frégé to the journalist. An objectification that she denounces with virulence today that she is an accomplished artist.

Raphaëlle Ricci to Élodie Frégé.

A discomfort that a remark from one of her teachers at the time, Raphaëlle Ricci, only worsened with a criticism of her physique that the singer has still not digested to this day. “But damn, you weren’t comfortable at all, how did they tweak you? You had rolls under your buttocks!” castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys as a teacher of scenic expression. “I was bulimic and she was throwing it at me in front of millions of people. It was double the pain”, painfully remembers the winner of season 3 of Star Academy.

In the podcast La Planète Des Sages, hosted by Stéphane Basset, Élodie Frégé confided last year that today she is finally in tune with herself and well in her skin. “I can’t wait to be 40!” She even laughed. The winner of Star Academy season 3 of the show explained that she felt like she was “at a pivot point in her life” and that her 40 years were pushing her “to move forward”. The one who has now turned 40 on February 15, 2022 has decided “to abandon her doubts as an artist and as a woman”. She is about to unveil her fifth album after several years of absence. A disc that marks a new stage in her career as an artist since she herself took charge of the production. She has already unveiled her debut single Whatever, an English duet with French singer Epsilon.