SNCF prices: this region offers decreasing prices for the over 60s


The Occitanie Region is multiplying the offers for train users. On the occasion of the reopening of the Avignon – Pont-Saint-Esprit railway line after 50 years of interruption, it announced the establishment, in collaboration with the SNCF, of decreasing prices on all regional TER lines liO for travelers over the age of 60, reports The Independent.

From the first journey, a reduction of 10% is applied. Then, from the second to the fifth trip, this percentage gradually increases from 20% to 50%. Clearly, seniors therefore benefit from half-price journeys from five journeys made in the month. Finally, every 20 journeys made during the year, the traveler benefits from a free ticket.

To be able to take advantage of these advantages, however, you must be equipped with a smartphone, which can make access to the device complicated for older people. The various reductions are in fact accessible via the “Fairtiq” application, which allows you to record the journeys made. The service also offers “outing ideas” with discounts and partner offers.

“I had a lot of requests from retirees regarding their purchasing power and their desire to take the train. We therefore decided to implement this measure which, on average, will reduce the bill by 40%, ”said Carole Delga, president (PS) of the Region. Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, for his part praised the “voluntary policy of low prices” carried out by the community.

Before that, as early as June, the Region had already announced one-euro banknotes throughout the summer. In addition, nearly 35,000 young people aged 18-26 benefit from free travel from eleven trips per month, specifies 20 Minutes.