Although it is a compensation for the German-coöperanten legally, it’s almost impossible for the CD&V-top, which are the candidate-presidents to continue to be the requirements of the work. Of the seven candidates, Wouter Beke, to follow, as a party to have in a file the signals are sent to what they have to say about that in the German case, write down The Time on Thursday. The candidate-presidents, there is a lot of disagreement about how it is that files and now have to deal with. So Instead, Mahdi that, is the time to get to the file to be dropped, and They Terwingen that it will not return to the negotiating table should be.

German is the means by which the christian movement took part in Dexia, the banking group, which in 2011 went over the head. It saw upwards of 800,000 Employees-coöperanten about 1.5 billion euros go up in smoke. The CD&V has always been committed to the German-coöperanten is partially compensated, but there was nothing left of the house.

the candidate-presidents of the German-token is received and confirmed to be one of the seven candidates, the Walter The account in the Morning show on Radio 1. The data continues to push for a concession, and notes that it is “convenient”, the judgment of the EU court of justice in Luxembourg, on september 7, 2018 and a “compensation plan (B) to Arco coöperanten legally possible ‘ does. “If we are ever promised, we will need to do the same,” says The account. Says he: “It will anyway be difficult, I think, is that this file is a CD&V is always a bit of a lose. If we have to do something for the victims, will be those of you who are not involved, against us, that we have something to work on. We do not, then it will help to say that it’s all our fault that nothing is being done. So we have a little bit of guilt.”

“Time to get behind them”.

Curiously, the other candidate for president of the Raf Terwingen said in the Morning that it is not a good scenario, it seems to be in order for the file to bring to the table: “well, I think we should be in the file, from the political to pick. That’s what we’ve tried, but it doesn’t work. It is still a legal situation. The fact is that the politics will not be solved. If we can’t get in.”

The coöperanten have to be right on the money, he insists. “You know, I think we have the discretion over it to keep it and not like the other candidate countries the presidents are doing now: it lay on the table, and force and there are strong words to speak about it. It should not be like a trophy on the table so that you have to be able to keep it.

as a Candidate, president of Sammy Mahdi is that it is time for Employees to leave: “We’ve worked hard over the past few years, in order to have a solution for the Employees-shareholders-to-find”, he says, ” in The Standard. “However, the political and the legal environment appear to be resistance to it. The other parties are on the side of legal, it doesn’t seem to be as easy to get an effective solution, in the other hand. At some point we have to admit that we have done what we could, but that’s not going to happen. I believe that the time has now come.”

“It Consists of it is hanging, it is bad for our image, and it makes it very difficult to do so in the next couple of years to improve, even though we are not the guilty party.”

Both the Mahdi as a Terwingen to emphasize that the marker is not interpreted as an instruction, but rather as a sketch of the situation. Anyway, not everyone is on the same wavelength on this case, it is obvious. “However, there is no difference between the candidates,” said Terwingen yet.

another candidate for president, Christophe Vermeulen, said on Twitter that it Consists of-self for far too long”. “We are fighting without the support of other parties. If there is no solution on the table that have the requisite legal standard, and compensation warrants to, I don’t see why we can’t be honest can be. Or again, politics would be hi-jacking.” Van Peteghem is not due to a “political barter”.
More about the Arco, Arco-topvrouw is claiming $ 2.6 million in damages from the German-savers will Employees deal with the next coalition agreement for an Alternative arrangement for the Employees, never in Europe have been reported, due to the collapse of the government Suddenly German is back on the agenda, members set up all of the political parties, in the absence of