In the derby and showed to Asia and what it can offer. Under the influence of a strong Tower and Boya fingering, Les Hurlus, the Guys get straight down to the throat, and won deserved with 2-0. Asia turns in the steep and continued to rise and is still on the third place in the overall standings. Kortrijk need to recharge your batteries after an 8 to 21.

the Mouscron – Kortrijk, looked like the derby, which could determine which team is in the slipstream for a Play-off and 1 stayed on. That, above all, Les Hurlus well understood. Kortrijk, saw stars, suffered repeated stupidly losing the ball and was barely in the match. Especially in Asia-the captain Allagui tried to give his team the early advantage as possible. If cut, he Rougeaux at his dead ease, Bruzzese was it a goal to keep.

in Kortrijk, sat there in front of you. On the half-hour seemed to be Asia on the way to the edge. After losing by Rolland went, Olinga, with the leather, on the go. He omspeelde Rougeaux, with a step-up in Hocko, that is, the ball is just off the square, curled.

the Third missed penalty:

in Kortrijk, did not know of what wood the arrows are to make it. It was just to have a shot at glory by a tousled kopbalpoging. Asia fell in, but a single recovery for a rest, led to a well-deserved lead. Pietrzak took a corner, well, Rougeaux was too late, and Queiros, to be the captain of the Portuguese U21, headed the ball over the rechterpaal staalhard in.

In the second half, and immediately a free kick for Asia. Allagui took a ball, and Queiros headed the ball against the arm of the Rougeaux. Captain Allagui took care of his responsibilities, but this season, missed his first two penalty shots. Third time lucky? Unfortunately for him, as it found that he does not touch it.

At the time, finally W … In the Beginning, showed why he was missed in the first half. Kortrijk played immediately and the midfielder took his team to the egg, so after I was on the same level, but in his attempt to burst apart at the pole.

Rougeaux left and then to his team in the lurch when he Pietrzak, very stupid, along the lateral line omverduwde. The Verdict: a second yellow. An hour and fifteen minutes before the end, did the Tower’s lights out for the Guys. The scot’s award-winning, are a strong match by passing the ball with precision into the bottom left hand corner to submit it. 2-0 and a book in front of the Guys, who are so lagging behind with a mere 8 to 21. Asia turn continued to rise, and it is divided in two in the same season.