Fake News in China – Beijing, spread Propaganda virus is a barely contained Corona, wants to rewrite the Communist leadership, the history of the pandemic. Their origin of them pushes the other and presents himself as the Savior of the world.Lea Deuber from Peking44 Kommentare44Das Regime triumphed In Shanghai recordings of the President will be shown the streets of Xi Jinping and cheering for the Chinese. Photo: Reuters

Just a month ago, I was bogged down in China under the impact of the Coronavirus. The economy stood still, the people waited in the apartments, criticism of the initial cover-up flooded the network. How quickly the situation has changed, show appearances, such as that of the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic. Last week, he spoke after a delivery of medical goods from China by the 100-year-old friendship between the two countries, a friendship strong as steel. He kissed the Chinese flag and state President Xi Jinping called his “brother and friend”. Ten tons to have brought his “friends”, wrote in Beijing, a spokeswoman for the foreign Ministry.
state media published a list of Calls that have made Xi, in order to advise other countries.

While the home of the new infections have declined, the state media reports of imported cases from abroad, labour, the leadership, the sovereignty of interpretation to recover. Beijing wants to determine the images to deeds remain in memory after the crisis: not to China’s failures, not a criticism of the System, the beneficiaries are the virus from spreading, but Beijing to get the Virus in the handle. The Communist party wants to become a cross-border carers. Savior, as in 2008, when she aufhalf according to the world economic crisis, with a huge package of measures for the struggling world economy.

Beijing transformed the virus crisis into a geopolitical opportunity of the leadership.

While the US is struggling with itself and the States of Europe to each other at first only hesitantly, helped, uses Beijing, the vacuum of power and transforms the virus crisis into a geopolitical opportunity of the leadership. The EU foreign representative, Josep Borrell language concerned of the “global battle of the Narrative”. Some countries sought to use Propaganda and “to obtain a policy of generosity” influence. For example, the EU appliance into disrepute.

For Beijing, it goes to a lot of. Those who think only on economic data, look to know the damage caused by the crisis in China, spent incorrectly, says Richard McGregor from the Lowy Institute in Sydney. Even if you think the Chinese were much and gave the government more room for manoeuvre than others, it’ll take a long time until China is recovering. Even if reports about the cover-up will be censored to the crisis, to hold anger and uncertainty about the leadership.

The speech is traveled by the “Chinese way”

As the beginning of March, Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan to Wuhan, roared to the people from the Windows: “Everything is a hoax! Fake! Fake!” As the President drove Xi Jinping, a few weeks later in the city, police officers arrived in each apartment of the Route, the people from the Windows keep.

Even more important, the Narrative for the Regime is that China fought against the epidemic in the country as a model prison as allegedly no other. The state press, writes of the “Chinese way”. By supplies of protective equipment in the world, China wants to present himself as a helper, and the only competent actor in the Emergency. And suggests specifically that a part of relief supplies, but purchased exports. Spain shall pay to 432 million euros. President Xi called it just “the help” and “support”. China’s delivery to the EU, the German President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen commented, according to spitz. You have flown without Hesitation 50 million tons of aid to China. “I still remember my phone conversation with the Prime Minister in those days.”

road a silk?

In the case of Italy, the President enlists Xi Jinping for a second global investment program, in addition to XI’s new silk road, a kind of new silk road of the health. Beijing talks of reforming the global health security under his leadership. An idea that Xi discussed, according to the state press, with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

The re-interpretation starts with a set of on 26. February, at a press conference in Guangzhou. Because people in Europe are sick, three in Japan dead. Zhong Nanshan (83), epidemiologist, sitting at the microphone. He pulled off his mask, speaks in a low voice, as if it was no news what he is saying: The Virus has been found in China for the first Time. But its origin could be elsewhere. Zhong is not just anyone: He discovered in 2003, Sars. 8000 infected died of the lung disease, 800. The authorities covered up the outbreak. Zhong have saved the country, many believe. You can trust him.

Russian tactics

His words are the Foundation of the theory, which is scattered in China, now in the network. China, a result of targeted disinformation of Russian tactics, writes the Berlin-based Merics Institute. For years, Chinese diplomats used Twitter for political messages. But conspiracy theories are a novelty. Merics writes of a “new quality”. The procedure is an indication that the Regime-all means are right to criticism to distract.

A week after Zhongs comment China news submitted by Agency: Absurd is the claim that the Virus could originate from China. Some in the United States and the media have attempted to denigrate the Chinese. “The crisis needs science, not stigma,” the state press. Two weeks later, the Tweet from the Beijing Ministry of foreign Affairs: the U.S. military could have brought the Virus to Wuhan. The United States owed China an explanation. The US President Donald Trump caused, of the “Wuhan-Virus” and “to speak Chinese Virus”. A counter-attack, the China press, as proof, so drop stayed: The government just wants to distract you from your failure.

researchers have fear

Just the state-run “Global Times put”, calling even the name of the US military, to have brought the Virus to Wuhan. The television sends rounds of discussion, such as with Chen Xuyan, a Professor from Beijing, who asked how the United States would not have been so early to work on a vaccine if the Virus came from there. And the people’s daily even suspected Italy to be the epicenter of the outbreak.

For observers such as McGregor is, this strategy is also an attempt to put its own management team and scientists at the country’s borders. In Hong Kong, a research team has now moved to his study, the Wuhan as the place of origin of the Virus is called. A author later explained, the chosen words in the essay were “not appropriate”.

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