the Belgian F-16’s are on Tuesday of four Russian fighter jets were intercepted over the Baltic Sea. It was going to be two of the strategic bombers of the type Tu-160 Blackjack, and the two jets of the type Su-27 Flanker. The Belgian air force is well-known that pictures of Russian equipment on Twitter, has posted.

In Lithuania, since september 3, a Belgian detachment of F-16’s for the protection of the Baltic air space, because those countries don’t have their own fighter jets have to have. This is done in the framework of the “NATO mission” Baltic Air Policing’.

as of Tuesday, about 13 hours, got to the Belgian contingent in Lithuania, an alarm, and two F-16’s rose that really stands out. It was the first to scramble for the soldiers. After a few minutes of flying were F-16’s on the four Russian aircraft.

The game of Blackjack is a supersonic, strategic bomber, nuclear weapons may be worn. The device has a range of 12.300 km and it can take up to two times the speed of sound, according to the Belgian air force.

From a good source is found There is that of the equipment without the authorization of NATO’s airspace, flying. The Russian ministry of Defense, however, is that the aircraft over the neutral waters, and flew it during a flight. “At some stages of the route, the langeafstandsvliegtuigen escorted by the fighter jets of the Belgian, Czech, Danish, Polish, Finnish, and Swedish air force,” according to the prosecutor’s office. The ministry has spread a video footage of the various tools in social media.

the mission “Baltic Air Policing”, there are two F-16’s day and night, ready to move in for a few minutes to take off. These ‘scrambles’ can often occur, as a function of the activity of the Russians in the skies over the Baltic Sea. According to NATO’s turn, a Russian legervliegtuigen often, a transponder, an electronic device that allows an aircraft to be in flight, to identify, and often there is no flight plans filed.

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