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The figure of 1.9 million euros, which is the baby Movements, the need for the medication, and that her life can be normal in a few days, brought on by the massive support from the whole of Flanders. The parents have to respond, full of gratitude and disbelief. “We are very pleased to have our Links, but we hope at the same time, that no one will ever have to do in order to in the life of a child, to save the day.”

“I think that I will believe it when the money is, effectively, on our behalf, and we will, effectively, make an appointment with a doctor,” said mama, she won’t. They live in a sort of daze ever since she was by the end of Tuesday, around 2 a.m. found the collection to her daughter, Pia (9 months), with a life-threatening disease, SMA is the target of 1.9 million euros was raised. “Pia made me wake up because she has a small bottle was needed. I just couldn’t resist to quickly find the most recent updates to the review. As you can see, that the goal is reached, you will get a little bit of rest. I gave Pia a kiss on her forehead and I told her that the whole of the country, and her life has been saved.”

mike Meyer and her husband, Tim, hope to be up again as soon as possible and make an appointment to see a physician who is Zolgensma again. Or, actually, to America, to draw, or they may be in France or in Portugal, and the treatment is the most expensive drug in the world, it is not entirely clear.

One shot

Certainly, it is the Movements, but it is a prime Zolgensma you will need to have. The sting will be, the genetics of the girl to change it. “Most of the children who are Zolgensma were used, to develop again very quickly. It may well be that the Links in a few days, and can roll and crawl.”

According to the initial results of a revolutionary therapy to restore the baby’s doctors, the SMA, establish, immediately after the birth of a genetic disease. “Also, in a few months, such as the Links, and the results are mostly positive. There are a couple of exceptions, but we are all having faith in this drug. We are confident that the Pia is in a wheel chair for a beautiful and living independently, will be able to lead. And then there are people who have texted in and donated so very thankful for that.”


in addition to the happiness that prevails, citizens will also feel a sense of anger at the parents.“In the last few months have been brutal had been. For several months, we have all of the doors and knocked. By by Novartis, but also from the government. However, our plea for help has remained on deaf ears. No one helped us. As you well know, is that there is a drug to your daughter for a life. This is proof of a lack of any kind of morality. These people are playing for god, who is life-and-death decision.”

“Fortunately we are in spite of all the disappointments, it will always have remained positive. We will take care of it yourself, then, or so we thought. And this is now possible. However, we recognise that there is still a lot of Movements in this country have been, and will continue to be born. It is hoped that the parents of these children will never have to do so in the stress of life. That is, our action, and the latter has been used. That is, at last, there is a scheme in which the life-saving drugs are no longer prohibitively expensive.”

The action #teampia remains and. The parents of Pia and with the added money in any other families would like to support.

for those Who want to deposit may use “Links” send text message to 4666. Multiple sms sending is also possible. Also, bank transfers in the bank account and continue to welcome, all the info can be found at the web site www.teampia.be.