The storm, now a three-day South-eastern Spain, gets underway, it will also ongemeend is in the province of Murcia. In the resort, La Torre Golf, Roldan, all the roads are closed, the pools are re-created, in part, and there is drinking water nor electricity. Even in the hospitals, and the airport are all close by. ‘Extremely, will never happen”, say the people that live there. In the meantime, there are five deaths were reported due to the storm.

“See, look what happens to our little paradise, rest,” is the Wetterse family, by Van Der Gucht. “There is no drinking water, no electricity, and more. On a flight back to Belgium is not in, the near airport of Corvera is to be closed. Passengers and aviation personnel to get it even. Tourists and local residents are in urgent need of to go to the hospital to sit too deep in the problems, which can also be closed until further notice. What we are complaining about the flood waters in the streets or in our swimming pool, which is completely washed out by the water and mud?’, tell the father to Peter, John, and a daughter Annelien Van Der Gucht.

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The most extreme precipitation is caused by the phenomenon called “Gota Fria” is referred to as the “cold drop” a heavy rain, which is caused by a bubble of cold air at high altitudes. It is a natural phenomenon that almost every year to come back, usually takes twelve hours a day. Now, does it take an extreme case, though, a couple of days at a time. Up until yesterday, evacuated and Murcia are already more than 2000 people in the area. In the resort of La Torre only had 40.

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“I’ve been here all of what used to be,” says a retired Flemish officer, who is currently in Murcia on holiday is. “But so far, I’ve never known about it. Rain, rain, rain, thunder, and lightning. The day and night. Spooky.”.

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