Driving with worn tires is not only dangerous for the police, I also know from experience that anyone with a bare straps there are many other things wrong. SecuRoad, and that the Belgian police force for years, from the superflitscamera’s, now it is a device that links for your cars and trucks to scan it.

a number of police forces in our country, the unit has already been tested and have shown an interest. “It would certainly be a nice help. Now, we need to be in the dark, often on our knees, with a slat and a torch (flashlight) to measure the depth of the tire tread is. Because the bald tires are the cause of many accidents. Not only does it allow them to reduce the handling stability of the vehicle, the braking distance will be greater”, says the Brussels police.

finally, The Top Glove, the name of the device, it can be a fast and accurate profile of each and every sort and type of the belt to scan it. At a fixed location, or in one way arrow pad.

“The car runs on a sort of pillow on the road, and within a few seconds, the cop is a rating of each tire, and you can immediately see whether or not the band is still in use, or it may be”, explains Jan Meeremans from SecuRoad.

“After the check-up, it is possible to create a report to print out the results. That may be should be attached with the report.”

in An earlier pilot experiment, with a system in which tires are on your vehicle scanned at highway speeds is now removed, because is not so effective.

1 out of 4 are not ok:

the Figures relating to the number of reports that each year will be drawn up for the road with bald tires, the cops don’t. But for those who are caught, risk a fine of up to 116 euros, and it should not proceed any further.

“What we are seeing is that when we are in a control of such a person, once caught, whether it be a car or truck, he or, often, other things are not in order, such as a valid insurance certificate is not correct,…).

the investigation of Pneuband, the Commission is of the Tyre is within FEDERAUTO-TRAXIO, the Belgian Confederation of the car Trade and repair and related Sectors, turned out to be four years ago that 1 out of every 4 cars are in need of a professional bandencontrole.

What does the law say?

the Tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm across the whole of their circumference, and the belt that three-quarters of the width of the band is yet to be made. “Let this summer be replaced if the tread depth is 2 mm, and winter tyres if the tread depth is less than 4 mm,” says FROM.

“All of the tires are equipped with wear indicators, small rubber blocks in the principal grooves containing the letters ” TWI, as well (Tread Wear Indicator). If your profile Is set to on, these wear indicators are worn out? The legal limit is reached, the belt should be replaced.”

More on FROM FROM: “Saturdays in the summer would be less busy due to the more spread-check-out” once Again in belgium to be fined in France for this purpose, you need to be careful at Night and in the car to leave on a trip? That’s not a good idea to have A warning-ignore at your car, it can be costly to