The 9 fruits and vegetables that must be cleaned before eating them


Fruits and vegetables are essential parts of our diet. However, if they can be excellent, they can also hide unpleasant surprises and that is why some must imperatively be cleaned.

However, some people don’t always do it the right way. Indeed, it is important to know at first that you should not use soap. If it cleans all the bacteria, it is not made to be consumed and can even be dangerous on food.

As reported by Maison

In addition, be aware that the latter can become embedded in certain foods, such as tomatoes or cucumbers and this can give an aftertaste that will not be the most pleasant. On the other hand, there are alternatives to soap that can be even more effective in eliminating bacteria, such as white vinegar or baking soda.

Similarly, some fruits and vegetables should not be cleaned with hot water as this will damage and soften them. In addition, this gesture can be counterproductive, since heat tends to promote the development of bacteria.

If some fruits do not necessarily need to be cleaned, this gesture is essential for others. Here are which ones.