For the past few years, actress Laura Smet has stood out on the small screen as well as on stage. In 2020, she played the role of Louise Kerlac in the France 2 mini-series La Garçonne before playing in an episode of Capitaine Marleau in 2022. In the meantime, the star became the mother of a child named Léo, born from her relationship with her husband Raphaël Lancrey-Javal.

A quieter life for those who have often overindulged. “I haven’t become a good sister yet! I still like to party, but I don’t need fuel to do it anymore. Champagne and coke galore, it’s over! I don’t drink at all anymore, just a haircut on the occasion of a particular event but nothing more, I concoct good little dishes for my friends and, hold on tight, I laugh even more than before!”, she declared to our colleagues of Marie-Claire and to continue: “The big difference with my terrible years is that today I can go dancing in a club while having fun at the Perrier”.

A long everyday fight as she said in the rest of the interview. Supported by her mother, Nathalie Baye and her best friend Jérôme Corcos, the latter also “saved her life” by persuading her to seek treatment. Johnny Hallyday’s daughter was “in mortal danger, because I thought I was invulnerable”. A consumption of “coke” and “alcohol” which made “addicted”. “Unless you seek treatment, you are condemned to forfeiture. From this perspective, it is ultimately very easy to get out of it,” she added.

Today, her shortcomings seem far behind her. Discover his new daily life in our slideshow.