It’s a special day for Brigitte Macron. This April 12, the wife of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron celebrates her 70th birthday. Before marrying the future head of state in October 2007, Brigitte Trogneux shared the life of another personality.

The youngest of a clan of six children, the daughter of Jean Trogneux and Simone Pujol married the banker André-Louis Auzière in Le Touquet. From their union, the couple welcomes their three children: Sébastien (born in 1975), Laurence (born in 1977) and Tiphaine (born in 1984). Together, they raise their family and become grandparents of seven grandchildren, until their divorce pronounced in 2006.

Discreet about her family life, Brigitte Macron very rarely appears alongside her grandchildren. His engineer son Sébastien is the father of a daughter Camille and a son named Paul, born of his union with Christelle. Her eldest daughter Laurence, a cardiologist by profession, had three children named Emma, ​​Alice and Thomas, with her ex-husband Thomas Jourdain. If she has now found love with her companion, Matthieu Gasser, her lawyer sister Tiphaine also had two children with her husband Antoine Choteau: Elise and Aurèle.

A large sibling appeared united a few times in public, such as during the two electoral campaigns won by Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and 2022. They could also be seen at the Élysée during the inauguration ceremony of the Head of State. If we have little information on the Macron-Auzière clan, some writings testify to the role played by Brigitte Macron with her grandchildren.

As Bertrand Meyer-Stabley, who indicated in 2019 in his book Les dames de l’Élysée, that the current First Lady “takes care to maintain a balance in her life, moments of intimacy with her family”, also revealing that “every Wednesday and Friday afternoon is devoted to his tribe and his grandchildren”, according to passages quoted in Gala.

One of the few words about them is in Le Parisien where we discover that they like to read Asterix comics. “At home, the Asterix albums are available to my grandchildren. Both children and teenagers know very well where to look for them”, she confided to our colleagues in May 2021. Focus on their family portrait in the slideshow.