In the space of 200 years, the French forest has experienced more than significant expansion, it now occupies 16.9 million hectares, or 31% of the national territory. This positions France just below the most forested countries in Europe, such as Sweden, Finland and Spain.

Behind these figures hides a diversity of profiles, with 75% of forests belonging to the private sector, while public forests are managed by the National Forestry Office (ONF). Among these forests, about 1,300 are classified as state-owned, and only about fifteen are part of the “exceptional forest” network. These precious spaces play an essential role as sentinels of the environment and offer natural playgrounds to explore throughout France.

To walk in the forest, you need:

The French forests offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and enjoy an invigorating walk. By following these practical tips, you will be able to take full advantage of your outings in the forest, while respecting the environment and ensuring your safety. From now on, nothing is stopping you from preparing your equipment, choosing your destination and setting off to discover the natural treasures that the French forests have to offer! Discover the top 10 of the most beautiful forests in France in the slideshow below.