From love to hate, there is only one step. What if you learned that one of your former conquests was very closely linked to the murder of… her boyfriend? This is what happened to Pierre, a young man in his thirties, when he was still in college.

The young man was then returning to 6th grade in a suburban college. If he was, at the time and by his own admission, “not very good at making friends”. However, that didn’t stop him from falling in love with one of the girls in his class, Julie. “She was one of the stars of the school, she was popular and trendy. I decided to try my luck and of course I got kicked out in a rude way,” he recalls.

A few months later, after having moved to a neighboring town and changed college, while he had managed to maintain contact with her, Pierre finally succeeded in winning the heart of the young girl and the teenagers thus began a romantic relationship. If this is mostly held at a distance, the lovebirds still set a first date.

“I think it was the most catastrophic date of my life. She had come with a friend and it intimidated me a lot, so I dared not speak or kiss her. So it’s quite naturally, that, only a few hours after our appointment, she broke up with me in the same way that we had become a couple: by text message”, he relates.

If they kept in touch for a few more months, they eventually stopped talking to each other. The story could have ended there, but what he learned years later still sends shivers down his spine.

After this short relationship of a few weeks, the years passed without Pierre hearing from Julie. Until that day when, when he was a high school student, he crossed paths with one of his former college friends who was also very close to his former girlfriend. The young man then takes the opportunity to ask him for news.

And it was with a start of terror that Pierre learned that his former conquest was then in a house of correction for complicity in murder. However, the case did not stop there since the victim was actually Julie’s ex-boyfriend. “It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Sometimes I think to myself that if I hadn’t missed our date so badly, I might be in a garbage bag at the bottom of a pond”.

Despite everything, this girl is not, in his eyes, a bad person.

This story has left its mark on Pierre who has long thought about the fact that it could have happened to him. Despite everything, he believes that the young girl he knew was not a bad person and that she let herself be taken in by a toxic entourage.

“When I heard the news, I was surprised, of course, but I also felt a lot of pain for her. I think she is a girl who has a very good background and who is anything but mean. I thinks that she mostly fell on the wrong people, and that it was these dating that led her into this dark story,” said Pierre.