The dispute to a performance by the punk band Fine cream fish fillet. In the middle of the week, the Bauhaus of Dessau had made use of the house rules and by the ZDF concert, planned for 6. November rejected. Previously, right-wing groups on the Internet had called to Protest against the appearance of the left-hand musicians. They wanted to be a venue for political Agitation, and Aggression, it said.

The ZDF and Fine cream fish fillet, declared then that they wanted to search for an alternative location in Dessau. Yet you are still able to find. There was even a more explicit rejection: The Anhaltische Theater Dessau is not stated that it was an alternative venue available.

By the cancellation of the ZDF concert was the actual artistic appearance of the Band in an undifferentiated political dispute, said a theatre spokeswoman. The Theater would be with the invitation of the Band uncommented, and as a Symbol – a political Statement, to which it is not ready.

The house was considering, but to take on the day of the originally scheduled presentation or a timely discussion of the event in the program to lead to a more differentiated discourse on the conflict between freedom of art and its possible limits.

this year’s Chairman of the Bauhaus, network, Berlin’s culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Left), has criticised the cancellation of the concert by the Bauhaus Dessau. He decided to contradict the Statements of the Foundation, the Bauhaus was a “deliberately non-political place,” writes Lederer in a letter to the members of the Museum Association. The school of art call for according to your own experience in the Nazi period and the GDR, a clear stance against all intimidation attempts.

stressed so Far, more than 100 performances

Lederer, the mobilization of right-wing groups against the concert should be understood as an attack on the freedom of artistic expression and not as a justification for a refusal to serve. “We can, and the political roots of the Bauhaus’t want to just ignore,” he wrote.

The planned concert of Fine cream fish fillet was part of the series zdf@bauhaus. For the past seven years, the ZDF, the musician invites in the auditorium of the historic Bauhaus building in Dessau, which is a Unesco world heritage site. More than 100 concerts have already been recorded and sent, including Andreas Bourani, silver moon, and the Rapper Sido.