If the quality of execution is always a reference, this Q3 is in tow of the Alfa Romeo from a dynamic point of view. Especially if the buyer chooses the entry-level model with the designation 40. This suffers from a significant power and torque deficit and does not quite correspond to the motto “Vorsprung durch Technik (advance through technology) promulgated by the brand with the rings. Better to move towards the declination 45, more expensive and which would undoubtedly be faster, had it not been for the staggering of its automatic gearbox which promotes economy to the detriment of performance.

Long before becoming a master in the art of multiplying forms and finding new market niches, BMW had a reputation for producing fabulous engines and chassis capable of exploiting them. Honor is safe. The X1’s engine responds quickly to accelerator pedal input. The X1 is pure BMW. Easy to handle and stimulating to drive, this compact crossover makes you want to press harder on the accelerator. Agile despite its surprisingly large turning circle, the X1 gives confidence and invites us to devour the turns with relish. Like the Alfa Romeo. The dynamic qualities of the Bavarian darken, however, as soon as he puts his wheels on a bumpy road.

Undoubtedly the most atypical luxury urban utility vehicle in the category, the Volvo XC40 offers more cushioned ride comfort, a more clever interior (storage) and now proven reliability. On the other hand, its mechanics are hardly playful (B-4 and B-5) and the driving pleasure of the Chinese-Swedish is much less raised. Failing to offer rechargeable hybrid engines, the XC40 has the advantage of offering a fully electric version (Recharge).