The court of first instance of Leuven, which has a 40-year-old hockeycoach on Tuesday sentenced to an effective term of imprisonment of eight years for the rape of several underage players, a Leuven-based indoorclub. The victims were given a compensation of more than 34.000€.

Christopher C. it was found guilty of raping at least four of the players from the age of 12 between 2010 and 2016. The Belgian was at that time working as a coach and in 2014 as president of the club. The years of abuse came to light after a complaint from two young men in 2016. The sentences followed a three-judge panel that the request of the public prosecutor’s office, and that eight-year prison claimed it had.

that The claims of the six parties on behalf of two of the victims were to be admissible and valid. They have had a total moral and material damages 34.365 of 15 euros will be allocated.

READ ON FOR MORE. “If the players are not said to go back, were in danger, and that he and she will never be in the first team, might get it”, but hockeytrainer denies abuse

the , Christopher C. was a ten-year put at the disposal of the strafuitvoeringsrechtbank. In addition, he was for five years deprived of all human rights. The man should be of eighteen years, to join a club or activity with a minor.

finally, The district court did not, at the request of the public prosecutor to make an immediate arrest. The hockeycoach, was present at the meeting of October 1 and Tuesday, was represented by his lawyer. The judges did not see the risk of a withdrawal of the penalty, because, among other reasons, the man has a permanent address.

an Influential figure in the club

The man was ten years ago, as a coach, a Leuven-based indoor hockey. Five years later, he was even president. C., and had a lot of influence and power, and a man, according to the ku Leuven public prosecutor for many years, to abuse it. According to the prosecutor’s office forced it to underage boys, and transgressed, he is also to young adults. “If the victims are not to have sex, wanted to take it, threatening it, that they will never be in the first team would get in,” said the public prosecutor’s office. The facts could not have taken place at the club.