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The first bullfighting events scheduled after the pandemic, in Avila, have been successfully concluded: there has been a good entry, we have complied with the sanitary standards and the audience has left happy. Bulls from Adolfo Martin, serious, cinqueños, have had a caste and difficulties. The three right-handed has been cut off, a trophy, each one with his weapon: Octavio Chacón, a good trade; Morenito de Aranda, the class; Gomez del Pilar –substitute of Manuel Escribano–, to delivery. Have been beautiful-thirds of rods. The only downside: sites are too long.

Octavio Chacón has taken advantage of the first bull, the best, and has killed with decision: ear. The fourth, gazapón, has given the lidia appropriate.

To Morenito de Aranda has played the second most difficult. It has been pulled out the thorn in the fifth with a site aesthetics, of a lot of eco: ear.

Gomez del Pilar has been very firm and decided. In the third, has made natural with merit and has come to kill the very straight: ear. In the latter, sudden and violent, it has been played.

there Have been bulls and bullfighters. The fans we’re hungry to see the bulls. There is that clap to the businessman, José Montes, who has overcome all the obstacles and risk: an example that not all are following. It is time that all professionals in the bullfighting arena to take the step forward. It has happened in the city of Santa Teresa, the saint who, according to García Lorca, had duende “by citing to a raging bull and to give it three passes, magnificent, who did it”.