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perhaps The most beautiful Moment with the Google Pixel 3 is read is to look at the first portrait photo. Only just taken in the photo App opened, for a fraction of a second to see how the portrait will be edited. The Background is blurred and out of an average photo and a very good one. Live gephotoshoppt, something remains hanging.

Such moments are in a world in which Smartphones are somehow interchangeable, have become rare. Because what the equipment is different? Sure, some phones have a larger memory than others, some manufacturers promise a better battery life, some of a particularly large Display screen, some a operating system with privacy. But the basic functions are the same: phone Calls, Surfing, Selfies, take a picture of.

manufacturers such as Apple, or Samsung makes this uniformity is not a lot of, their Smartphones fill alone, because of their printed Logos are always the first places of the best-selling mobile phones. Google’s Pixel row is not found on such lists, however, the Smartphones were previously not a huge sales success. Perhaps Google has identified the camera as a function of the in-house device can stand out. In this category, the pixels can keep up, in some Tests, the previous version ended up already far to the front.

Google has a tendency to reality © Michael stern Lisa Hegemann

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Google has identified, apparently, Apple as the competitor to beat in this discipline. As a Google Manager Brian Rakowski and Liza Ma presented the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL, they could not resist a taunt against the company from Cupertino anyway: The proof of the Superiority of one’s own camera, you had two photos with the same motif on the wall throw – this is a XS, the other with the Pixel 3. taken with the iPhone It may be little surprise that the in the evening light against the backdrop of New York resulting image of the Google smartphone worked much harder.

read the technical data of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL however, similar to that of the iPhone XS, the latest Generation of the Apple Smartphones – the devices only differ in Details. The Pixel, for example, used exactly like the iPhone XS is a Dual-Pixel camera with a minimum resolution of 12.2 mega pixels (features the competition 12 megapixels), the f-number is f/1.8, which is also exactly like the iPhone.

during the day, hardly any differences between the cameras are visible (left: iPhone XS, right: Google Pixel 3 XL). Both images were shot in auto mode and not processed. © ONLINE

Comparing the automatic modes of the smartphone cameras in everyday life, one learns much about the world view of the two companies. Then you find that Google tends to be more reality – especially in portrait mode. Long ago, we all know that Selfies are a popular Form of smartphone camera usage. The iPhone XS has been fascinated in September with a camera, the so-perfect photos shoots, that is deeply sad, once you look up from the screen. Every Person has a celebrity-like beauty with this phone.