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the Staff of the afvalintercommunale Interza have on Wednesday four new-born kittens were found, together with household rubbish have been dumped along with the Old Keulsebaan in Sterrebeek. One cat died and three were transferred to the poezenasiel. “Something like that, we’ve never experienced before.”

The afvalstatistieken that Interza being Zaventem) at the beginning of the week to sluikstortkampioen. Just a couple of days later, it was the dubious honour of being in a nauseating kind of ‘decorated’. Sluikstorters dumped alongside household waste a box of newborn kittens next to the Old Keulsebaan in Sterrebeek.

the kitten had survived the annulment is not. Interza director: Jan Buysse, respond bewildered. “Something like that, we’ve never experienced before,” says Shakespeare. “That people are able to do this, this is not one of them.”

The cats were, Wednesday morning, discovered by an alert neighbor. “We are at the airport every day, dozens of reports of fly tipping. The Old Keulsebaan, it is a hot spot for sluikstorters because of reduced social control. When we take the deposit went to clean up, they discovered a cardboard box containing four kittens. One was unfortunately already dead. The other three were immediately brought in to our office for care. Our staff members have throughout the day is important to the young, to animals, and then they were transferred to the poezenasiel < / i> ‘Poezenplaneet’ , from Begijnendijk. They can then, hopefully, with the best possible care to grow, because the kittens are still too young to put up for adoption to the people.”


as of Or for the dierenbeulen, without penalty, from the to come remains to be seen. Interza, and the municipality of Zaventem, already for several years a fierce struggle against the sluikstorters. Thus, the waste is examined for identification, and have been mobile cameras purchased for the transgressors in the act, is to be caught. “In the past few months, we have so many people to grasp. Hopefully we can be this cruel to animals are also now identified. The perpetrator can be expected to be a substantial GAS-to-fine and a record.”

However, it is not only doom and gloom in the luchthavengemeente. The Interza figures, it is evident, also, that the inhabitants of the Interza-municipalities of Zaventem, Steenokkerzeel, Wezembeek-Oppem, Kraainem and in Kampenhout) is getting better, sort.