Here we go again for price reductions! The summer sales start this week and here are some tips to follow during this period to guard against pitfalls. It is essential that the merchant clearly distinguishes sale items from non-sale items. The original selling price for the last 30 days and the sale price (or the percentage discount offered) must be displayed in a way that is obvious to buyers.

Sale items must have been on sale and paid for for at least one month before the sale starts, which means that the merchant is not allowed to restock during this period (which is a difference from “promotions”). “). Sale items benefit from the same guarantees in terms of non-apparent conformity and manufacturing defects as other items, with the same after-sales service. However, the merchant has the right to affix the words “neither taken back nor exchanged” on sale items. In this case, the sale is final.

In addition, it is crucial to remain vigilant against false promotions.

You will have to be careful during the sales not to be ripped off. To do this, you must compare the prices offered by different merchants for the same product and check the reference price of the products before the sales.

Do not forget either that when an item has been purchased on the internet and even on sale, you have a right of withdrawal within 14 days to cancel your purchase from the date of delivery of the good. You then have 14 days to return the item to the seller.

Discover in pictures the dates of the summer sales!