The beginning of the study was presented to Celina Ufken a bit different. The 18-Year-old starts in these days the study of medicine in Frankfurt and the first few nights on a cot in the students had to spend a house on the Campus of Bockenheim.

the student Council, the Goethe University has set up a help center for all who still have not found a private room. A few kilometres further on, at the Frankfurt University of applied Sciences, student representatives and the University management common sleeping-places organized. The multi-purpose hall on the Campus was to the field of storage and three students can even stay in the service apartment of the University Registrar, the administrative Director until the end of October.

nationwide, the student works lead to long waiting lists for places in halls of residence. And if students are looking for on the open market according to one of the rooms, you will experience how challenging many landlords occur. Just nine square meters in the basement with moldy walls for 325 euros? A former storage room in a butcher’s shop, no two metres behind the meat counter? There is everything.

click here to read the most outrageous stories of the MIRROR-readers and readers to a housing and room search in University towns and cities:

16 square meters for 700 Euro cold”, I live currently in a six-WG in a Nine-square-meter room in Munich and I pay warm with all the 590 Euro. Overall, our landlords take up to 3600 Euro with your house! The WG is close to the city centre. How are you supposed to be able to afford to pay for a course of study without the financial support of the parents?” “I first studied in Leipzig, and there in a residential home in the usual way. A total of 20 square meters, the rent was inclusive of electricity, heating and Internet 190 Euro. Then I moved to Frankfurt-am-Main, and I searched for months trying desperately to find a affordable apartment. A display is particularly stuck in the memory: a one-room flat, 16 square meters in city center close to 700 Euro a cold. The rental price brake? .” “The most absurd apartment ad I’ve seen in Heidelberg: a Ten-square-meter wooden gazebo with kitchenette in the garden of the landlord for 400 Euro warm. Oh Yes, the toilet and shower were located 40 meters away in a barn.” “I got in Munich an offer for a room for 500 Euro, which was just my pain threshold. The other details were sparse in the house should be a butcher shop. During the visit, it turned out that the room was not two meters behind the meat counter and probably originally a small storage room. The bathroom should not be shared with the employee, a kitchenette was available. At least there was a fridge tray in the living room. The contract should be immediately with a notice period of three months. On my note, that I need time for reflection, responded the landlord: ‘The next few days it is rented the room, to whom I don’t care. If you want it, give me until tomorrow to know.’ I have yet to get another room. Otherwise, I would have said.” “The Situation in Freiburg is bad, I had 20 viewings. Ultimately, I found a room in a shared flat for 400 euros, ten square meters large. The rooms of my roommates are a little bit bigger, each 14 square meters, so you have to pay but also 600 euros.” “I’ve looked at in kranenburg is a WG. It was a room of about ten square meters, with a sloping ceiling. The three-way rent split a Two-square-meter kitchen and a bathroom. The room should cost 310 Euro, and the contract had a clause that I should not take off for a year. Since you can only say: no, thank you!” “I live in the basement: 8,5 square meter, no two meters high ceilings, a small chamber in the room can be used as additional storage space. On the walls of saltpetre and mildew to form. The price is at least affordable, it is around 325 Euro. This year I finish my bachelor’s degree. Then continue with a Master. And that means: Without a part-time job I will not be able to pay my rent.”

“According to the residential price index is the cost in Frankfurt is now a student accommodation 500 euros a month – twice as much as the Bafög housing benefit in a lump sum,” says Charleen Dresen, Asta-Chairman of the University of applied Sciences in Frankfurt. Also, the German student Union stressed on Monday that the rates need to be increased to the Bafög urgent, because the 250 Euro fee is sufficient for a student room almost anywhere.

MIRROR reader Julian has a tip for those still looking for a room or an apartment: “I have set on the good old newspaper advertisement in the local Saturday edition for ten euros.” For a week he got every day between five and seven phone calls from landlords who had put nothing on the Internet “visits, not like 50 calls in one hour, or Mass.”

Bad experiences in the room search /Westend61 your WG-Casting was worse than any job interview? Should you pay a collection premium? Or 400 Euro for a period of ten square meters in the basement to lie down?

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