Strikes during the Christmas holidays: the complete calendar


A bad Christmas surprise. If you had planned to travel during the December holidays, in order to join your loved ones for New Year’s Eve, for example, you will have to organize yourself. Several strike notices have been filed by various civil aviation and SNCF unions, from next week until the beginning of January. To find out more, you can check out the dates in the slideshow below.

These movements have multiplied at the SNCF since the beginning of December, with a strong threat for the end of the year celebrations. As Le Parisien explains, the conflict with the signalmen is still relevant, despite a meeting with management on Friday, December 9. The latter proposed for these agents a “service discount” of ten minutes as well as the payment of a “lump sum indemnity of 60 euros” gross from June 2023. These proposals did not convince the Sud-Rail union, which required 20 minutes of “service delivery” and 300 euros gross monthly compensation.

In a press release published at the end of last week and quoted by the Ile-de-France daily, the union explains: “There is still time for SNCF management to continue negotiations if it wants to avoid a major conflict”. Already last year, the company’s management had narrowly avoided large-scale disruptions, by reaching a last-minute agreement with the drivers of the south-eastern axis of the TGV, who threatened to go on strike for the first Christmas holiday weekend. If the disturbances could not have been avoided, they had been less severe than expected.

Should we expect the same scenario this year? There are only a few days left for the SNCF to defuse the conflict. Attention, an aviation strike is also planned for several airlines, as you can find out below.