Everyone is buying online. In every shopping street or a shopping centre, you will find companies in the past few years, had given up on it. It Is still wise to take a job in the retail industry? Two of the experienced store staff will give tips on how to make your job as the digital wave continues.

as Catherine Also, the business manager of Bio-Planet in sint-genesius-rode. Together with her team, she wants to take the shoppers customer have a pleasant physical experience. “Organic food products do you want to be, see it, taste it, and smell it,” says Judy close. “That’s experience you can find anywhere online. The manager organises the day to day degustatiemomenten, and regular events with long-term suppliers of their products to present and explain them in the store. “Each and every retail store representative to advise and inspire the customer. We are also getting creative to make the range attractive to everyone.”

Rony Brusseel in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, the winkelcoördinator at Standaard Boekhandel, in the heart of Brussels, belgium. He is responsible for the customer experience in-store. “Customers are aware of pass on in to the store to get a book to take to the leaves and to the atmosphere. I will talk to them or make a joke. To connect with the customers is very important. Each store has a dedicated customer base. The trick is for them to know and the right to be there.”

The location of the store plays an important role in the connection with the client. Rony is working in the heart of pedestrian zone of the Brussels-based Le. “There’s a stroll here, a lot of people. It is good to stay on the street. Sometimes, it seems like the seawall in Ostend,” he explains. The colleagues of Rony to circulate constantly in the shop and in the digital age, the sale is even on the increase.