Ravioli, green beans, crushed tomatoes… Tins are a must-have in the kitchen. Practical and quick to cook, they can keep your food for several months or even years. Only here: the latter are likely to become more and more difficult to find in the coming months.

According to a press release from the brand, relayed by Sud Ouest, the canning giant Cofigeo has temporarily halted 80% of its production to cope with the increase in its gas and electricity bill, which has risen from 4 to 40 million euros annually.

The president, Mathieu Thomazeau, indicated that this stop of the production was the only solution to face the rising costs. The company, which claims to do everything possible to “get out of this situation as quickly as possible”, does not specify the duration of the shutdown.

Cofigeo has a large portfolio of brands of preserves and prepared meals, including:

Among the licensed brands, we also find Panzani, Weight Watchers and Dounia Halal. The factories shut down are those of Pouilly-sur-Serre (Aisne), Capdenac (Aveyron), Lagny (Marne) and Camaret-sur-Aigues (Vaucluse).