In the budget dispute in America, there has been no breakthrough. President Donald Trump met on Wednesday with leading representatives of the Democrats, an agreement was reached, however. Trump insisted on its demand for a financing of the required wall on the border to Mexico. On Friday another round in the White house should be held with the tips of the Democrats and Republicans.

Trump had already threatened before the Meeting with a long budget lock. It could still “take a long time,” up in the dispute, a solution could be found, he said at a Cabinet meeting in the White house. “The 5.6 billion dollars is such a small amount, and we are talking here about national security,” said the President with a view to the financing of the border wall.

At the Meeting with the President, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, to be elected on Thursday again to the Chairman of the house of representatives, and the democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. Schumer said after the conversation, he asked Trump to “direct”: “they Call me a good reason why your Shutdown is more to do.” Trump gave no satisfactory answer.

The future of the Republican minority leader in the house of representatives, Kevin McCarthy, said another Meeting of party leaders with Trump will take place on Friday. “This should not go on much longer like this,” said McCarthy.