For the past few weeks, the country has been cut in two with, in particular, the persistence of stormy weather in the south, while the northern half is suffering from an increasingly severe and destructive drought for our fauna and flora. The coming week of June 19, 2023 will be nothing like the previous one. Indeed, the weather will be much more balanced and homogeneous, sometimes alternating stormy waves and peaks of heat, and this, throughout the territory. According to La Chaîne Météo, this weather is set to last for the rest of June, and even for the beginning of July.

Thunderstorms will mark much of the country. The extreme northwest and the extreme southeast will be among the least exposed areas of the territory. Finally, La Chaîne Météo announces the arrival of an anticyclone at the end of the week. “Temperatures will drop a little, especially on Tuesday, while remaining above seasonal averages of at least 1 to 2°C. of the 24th. A few days of strong heat are likely (30 to 35°C)”, as explained by the forecasting site.

At the height of the sunshine announced for next week, the south of the country will be subject to the highest temperatures for this week of June 19:

If the school holidays begin on July 8, 2023, some will take advantage of this mid-June period to go on vacation. What will the weather be like the week of June 19, 2023 in France? What days will there be thunderstorms where you live this week?