After a particularly stormy start to the week, the French territory experienced a few days of respite. The French were able to enjoy a beautiful blue sky and a little sunshine. But unfortunately, the break will have been short-lived and thunderstorms could well return this weekend.

On Saturday, if the sun will dominate over most of the territory, some will already experience thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. On the other hand, temperatures will be high throughout France. “The high temperatures will continue on Saturday with a particularly heavy feeling. Maximum temperatures will rise on average between 25 and 32°C with peaks of 34°C at the foot of the Pyrenees”, analyze the experts from La Chaîne Météo.

Throughout the central part of the territory, temperatures should be around 30°C in the afternoon. In the north and west of the country, the heat should be less intense with temperatures between 22 and 29°C.

As for Sunday, the thunderstorms will definitely return, first over the entire western part in the morning. “The stormy showers will go up from the plains of the south-west to Normandy, in a heavy and tropical atmosphere. In the East, the beautiful sunny and hot weather will continue. It is in the second part of the afternoon that a more intense stormy axis will form from New Aquitaine to Hauts-de-France”, can we read on the website.

On Saturday, 15 departments could experience major thunderstorms. Here are all the territories placed in yellow vigilance by Météo France, according to data published on the site at 4 p.m.